Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Harvest Day

Today is a Tuesday, which means we are working at bringing in our harvests to fill our weekly orders. We grow produce for a number of restaurants in Chicago, Champaign, Bloomington, and Peoria, Illinois. This week we have piles of turnips. No...I mean piles! We harvested about 600 pounds of just two out of four kinds of turnips yesterday. There are white hakurei, yellow, purple top, and purples.
One of my jobs is to package up the corn meal, wheat flours, and wheat berries. Wheat berries are the wheat seeds and make a wonderful cold or warm salad when cooked. I'll try to work on getting some recipes together for those of you who might be interested. The corn meal is from a very rare white corn that we grow. It is called Iroquois White and makes a delicious corn meal. We roast it over an oak fire, shell it off the cobs, and then mill it. I do have a great recipe for the corn meal. The recipe is adapted from Tasha Tudor's Cookbook with our corn meal substituted for the regular yellow kind and our whole wheat flour substituted for the white flour.
If you are interested in the interesting history of our Iroquois White corn project, you can check it out on our webiste. And, please be patient with my internet skills...I'm working on updating our websites for both the farm and the not-for-profit Spence Farm Foundation. It might take a little while, but I think I'm getting the slow hang of it!
Check back again, I'll try to get more pictures and recipes, etc. coming soon!

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