Sunday, March 27, 2011

B-52's anyone? Bright and Shiny today

   It's bright and shiny out this morning and a frigid 32 degrees. Ach! I'm going to be a wimp and stay inside today. Yesterday was cold also and we got pretty chilled working down in the woods on the syrup buildings.
   Syrup update...I'm not done scrubbing the evaporator. Taking a break. Okay - wimping out on that also. But...we did get the lean-to on the syrup house. We also put a wall on the north side (the far back side with the horizontal pieces, wall not in the picture) to block the weather on the wood a little.

Looks pretty darn good and we are excited that it will keep a LOT of wood dry next season.

   Here is a picture of the old wood shed that Will blew apart. He took out 8 nails and took off two pieces of metal and this is what happened!

   I'll post a pic of the new one as soon as we get it done. We have the posts in, the horizontal pieces attached and the west wall on (wall would be on the right side of the picture). Unfortunately when we got to looking at the old walls, we weren't able to salvage them. Too rotted at the bottom. We wanted it to be 6 feet tall in the back so Will wouldn't bang his head on the ceiling, so we decided to just make new walls. We are saving the little old door tho. We also put the new shed on the same foot print as the old one (posts in the same holes) so it will look similar but not as "rustic".
   Poultry news...I hear Bubbie, our survivor rooster, crowing this morning. Two of the three ducks are still hanging in there and we are keeping an eye on them. Everyone is happy to be in one house together. I think they feel safer together. They are definitely a little warmer!
   Piglet news...she is the MOST stubborn pig! We haven't figured out how to tell when she will have the piglets. The pigs are pretty secretive for when they are breeding so we don't always get the date right for when she is going to have them. When she starts to look a little on the big side (not fat but pregnant) then we put her in the stall. Her first litter was two months late. So far this one is two weeks late. Hm. Any suggestions anyone?
  That's the farm news for now. Have a great day!!

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  1. No suggestions on pregnancy factors, but wow, just look at what EIGHT nails can do! hehehe