Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still NO Snow

   Today the weather is downright balmy...maybe in the 50's. Yesterday I spent all afternoon with no coat on, just in my shirt sleeves, cleaning up my picket garden area. It just seems so strange! The first of January still and 50's! Will we have a syrup season? 

   It seems that most people I know aren’t too happy about getting snow this time of year. I keep hearing the words, “well, at least we don’t have any snow”. In some ways I agree. It is a real pain in the butt to have to trudge thru drifts of a foot or more in the woods, carrying firewood to a cart, hoping all the time that the tractor (or me) doesn’t get stuck.
   On the other hand…I look at the beautiful pictures of last year…snowy, blue, peaceful. Snow can be nice. It isn’t as bad as the ice storms or the below freezing weather. It blankets the ground, protecting the plants from the hard freezes. It also provides moisture.
   And while some would say, “yes, but we could use some rain for moisture”. Hm. For me I think trudging thru MUD ankle deep is worse than snow that deep. The snow is a little easier to walk in. I’ve lost boots in mud that deep, but never in snow.
   Besides, when it is so nice out then I have to keep working outside. Sometimes it is nice to have that wintery break...otherwise it is a VERY long year. I like sitting inside by the fire, reading or knitting, or looking at seed catalogues...knowing I have a short couple of weeks to enjoy some down time. 
   So, to ease the hearts of those who are still waiting for the wintery wonderland (me included)…here’s some pics from last year.


  1. This is exactly what Sirima wanted to see and drive/fly through to get there to see it. For me, I'm shielding my eyes, happy it is still in the 50's regardless of all the good points you've mentioned above.

  2. OK, I think it's beautiful also...when it's all white. eventually turns to slush and brown and ugly. White winter wonderlands don't last very long. HOWEVER, here in the South, it's green ALL the time...even when it rains, which keeps South Georgia beautiful year round. SO! With that said, I guess I'll stay here with all the green, blue skies, and white clouds. Sorry. BUT I will come visit the summer. js