Sunday, March 24, 2013


I looked out the window this morning and saw a couple inches of white stuff blanketing everything. Ah...spring in Illinois! It's days like these that makes my southern heart depressed. So, with that feeling overwhelming me, I got up and got dressed and trudged out into the white oblivion.

Collecting sap in the snow is okay, especially when it is a little warm. Today wasn't very warm but it was pretty anyway. The worst part is having to chip ice out of the bucket in order to pour the sap out...then getting my gloves wet. My nose was running with the cold and I refrained from wiping it on my sleeve. Not because my Mama told me not to do that as it is nasty, but because I was afraid of my nose freezing to my sleeve.

We collected about 150 gallons of sap today. Another couple of days of boiling to go. If the weather warms up a little it might run again and give us another day of collecting. We have some helpers coming on Tuesday so we hope to have something fun for them to do. But, we just have to see what Mother Nature provides.

Now we are back inside in the warmth, tea brewing and wool socks on my feet. Marty, who is still blowing his nose and coughing from his cold, is downstairs planting tomatoes in flats. I look at my little cacti in the window sill and try to be patient for warmth outside. It is hard sometimes.

view from the window this morn


  1. Yuck! I empathize completely about the sad snow feeling. Not only that, but I had plenty of times when I got my nose frozen to my sleeve (I didn't mind my mom very well...I thought there must be a loop hole clause for that shirt sleeve nose wiping deal). I hope it warms up soon!

  2. Ah! Now my children are adults themselves and see the wisdom of their elders! Snotty noses and sleeves just do not go together! Doesn't matter if it's in the snowy winter or the sunny summer! And don't wipe them on that other guy's sleeve either! Whoever he is....

  3. Well, I have learned good from my Mama. I have also figured out that I can tie a snot rag on my sleeve, still giving me the opportunity for rebellion while not sticking to my sleeve. You'll have to try it out!