Sunday, May 19, 2013

Georgia grown

Well, it is the time of year for me to go to my family in Georgia. And, while here this year I thought I would try to get some pictures of some of the vegetable production down here. Kind of a compare and contrast of central Illinois vegetable production.

To start off with is beautiful here! The sky is blue, the clouds puffy white, and the tall pines wish wish. The privets are blooming and the smell is so heady and intoxicating...well it is enough to make a person lightheaded even. The fish crows don't caw caw like up north, they conk conk. And, to this southern kid...the white peaches are always sweeter down here. (Yes, Marty, I will try to bring some home!)

Then there is the clay color or tan sand. It isn't black and loamy like the farmland in central Illinois. All the country road cars have a coating of red on them. You can always tell someone who lives down a country road.

Sometimes I wonder how they can grow anything down here in soil that looks so dry and dusty. But, they do...beautiful veggies and lots of them. Rows and rows and acres and acres of cabbage, tomatoes, and squash. The farmers markets are already full of good food and the people are putting up their blankets, tents, and fold up tables along the roadsides...watermelon, peaches...yum.

I also like to look at the farm implements. There are a couple of good junk yards or sale places for them. Little stuff that we can't find in Illinois. Tiny two row planters and transplanters, cultivators, tiny tractors, etc. Everything a small produce farmer in Illinois dreams of, mumbling about in their sleep...drool dripping onto the pillow..."mmm, planters...mmm, tiny twactors".

As I travel I hope to have time to get some good pictures to show you. So, check back!

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  1. Hi Kris....I like white peaches and yellow peaches and watermelon~~~Hope you are having a wonderful time. Your other Mom