Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I woke at ten minutes til 5. Dark outside, the whole world asleep.
Then one bird, then two...

Is it like this all over the world? I remember when I lived in Germany and would wake before dawn, listen to the birds wake also. Slow at first.
Then when I was in Thailand, the birds did the same there. The roosters crowing before the light began to come up.

And in Illinois there are many mornings that I wake when the world is still shrouded in dark. I wait. And then it begins. A rooster crow, a cardinal, then more and then more. Then the light comes up and I begin to see the shadows of the trees.

Now in south Georgia, I watch the blue of the sky began to slowly glow. No cars on the road. Just a tinge of blue. And then one bird. A cardinal. Then another. Then a few more.

Like Ravel's "Bolero". It begins, then builds with the light. One note, one bird.

And now...an orchestra.

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  1. It seems I'm VERY late to say how much I loved your writing on this post. I do!