Thursday, July 4, 2013

View from the food

I'm back in Illinois after having a wonderful trip. Back to work now!
Was thinking the other day about how our produce sees the farm after it is harvested.

Radish pod's view from inside a blue harvest bucket

A turnip's view thru a harvest crate on the way into the cooler.

Squash blossom's view from inside a plastic bag in a flat

Borage flower's view thru the plastic bag
(Notice Will driving by in the farm truck?)

And, the view an egg sees as it is being put into the carton...
I'm sorry I couldn't get the other view that the egg sees as it enters the world but that would've been just a little too gross!

Have a great 4th of July!!


  1. I like your photos, especially the blue bucket for the radish pod!

    It struck me as I read your captions just how much PLASTIC your produce sees. Surprising. Welcome back, and I hope you're re-energized for all the work ahead. I'm sure the produce missed you. =)

  2. Well, I can see what you missed...all that lovely produce! What an interesting concept...from the inside of plastic! Today I'm on my way to our local farmer's market to see how different it is from the Moultrie farmer's market. Should be able to compare how the salads are made, the kinds of apples, maybe a find of good okra! Wish me luck. And keep writing good stuff!