Friday, February 25, 2011

Cat Tracks

   Cat tracks this morning in the snow. I follow them to the basement door, to the bushes where the birds are flitting, to the shed, the chicken house and around the side. Then they lead me to the small barn door, under the hog hut, to the old hog shed. I lose them there.
   On the way to the big barn I pick them up again, stopping at each of the three doors. Then they lead towards the woods, along the prairie path and turn in towards the syrup house. A little jaunt around the syrup tank to the syrup house door and then turn and peek into the shed, then back to the prairie trail.
   Off and on the trail, thru the woods on a deer path, up a branch and down the other side. On and on I go - hope in my heart, trying not to cry. At the gate to the road I stop as they get lost on the road. I peer across at the neighbor's house, call a couple of times, then give up.
   Was she looking for me? Was it her? Or was it just the other farm's midnight watch cat doing its rounds. Disappointed I go back to the syrup house to start the day. Spunky...where are you? Are you okay? Will you be able to come home?
   I miss my cat.

Spunky Brewster...missing Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 2011.
Farm cat extraordinaire. Very much missed.


  1. I guess you have to do like so many people do whose little animals go in and have to take the good with the bad. When they go out you never know where they are. Just believe that she's found another good home somewhere...maybe for a little while, maybe for a good long while. Just remember how good you were to her while she was with you. Now, concentrate of Petie.

  2. After reading about the mink episode, I can't help but to wonder if this event might be related too. =(