Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ranting about Country Respect

   Okay...time for a good rant!
   If you've been following this blog, you might remember me writing about people going off the road by our house. This morning was another one of those days. A friend and neighbor of ours went off the road and flipped her car. And the most unfortunate thing is that she was hurt. She was able to call for help on her phone and Marty was still doing chores so was able to be right there also. The sherriff deputy showed up. Then two fire trucks, two ambulances, about six EMT's, and about a dozen firefighters came. They were able to get her out okay. (You guys are AWSOME!)
   But, here's my rant. Who was that idiot that was coming from the south (you know who you are babe!), that couldn't wait for the emergency vehicles to get our neighbor out of her car and to the hospital, and decided to drive thru...yes, through...our yard to get around them.
   Then she got her car stuck in our yard while doing so.
   Now...the deputy, bless his heart told her to stay put and Marty also asked her what she was thinking. Her response was...get this!..."this is how we do it in the country". SAAYY WHAAAT?! Oh yeah, if I'm stalled behind a life threatening emergency I tend to drive thru someone's yard to get around also. Would she do this in town? Is my yard less valuable than someone in town? What "country" is she from anyway? Are the firefighters and EMT's not having to worry as much about our neighbor's life and go push this lady's car out because we are in the country? Is she some kind of friggin idiot?
   Well. All I have to say is that it is a very good thing - no a GREAT thing - that I wasn't there. I tend to have a temper with stupidity, not to mention disrespect for personal property, not to mention disprespect for another's life. I think I could've come up with a handful of charges such as 'willful distruction of property' and 'impeding emergency personnel', just to name two. I think the cop let her off pretty easy.
   I also think I would've let her sit and think about those charges while she waited for the tow truck to come pull her out and she could pay for that as well as the property damages.
   If she was truly from "the country", she would've known she could turn around, go less than a mile south, east a mile, then back north and into town, taking probably less time than it took for her to sit there in our yard. Idiot.

   Now...with all that said, PLEASE pray for our neighbor's quick recovery from her injuries. We are really really hoping and praying that she is okay and can go home from the hospital soon.
   And, if you are the lady that drove thru our yard, you might want to thank the powers that be that I wasn't the cop there at the time. Or that I wasn't there at all. And, also that you weren't the one in the car that flipped over and are being sent to the hospital. And, you should thank those firefighters for pushing your car out of the yard and taking time away from them doing their jobs!
   It's all about respect people. RESPECT for others, "country" or not.


  1. Hope the lady that flipped over recovers well.

    As for the other lady: I hope you wrote down her license plate number and go for a tractor drive through her yard one day.