Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching up

   We are finally getting some good rains, every other day or so. We went for so long without enough rain that we were beginning to worry. Now if we could just get some heat! Everything is just poking along. This is definitely the "shut up and wait" part of the farming. Last year we were harvesting green garlic the first part of April and this year it won't be ready until next week...maybe. One good spurt of heat and that would help. We were able to get a lot of things in the ground, now just to get them to grow faster. Come on Mother with us here!
   So, the last couple of weeks we have been playing catch up on some projects (aside from dealing with the surprise ducklings and other surprises like that). We did get the wood shed for the syrup done and it looks wonderful!

The proud new owner who doesn't
have to duck his head to get in.

Remember the pic on my previous blog of the
"exploded shed"? This is the new one from the same view.

Looking at it from the east. We can unload
right into it. The little door is on the right side.
The syrup house is also to the right.
   That was a major project. We haven't finished working down at the syrup house yet, still some clean up to do. It was postponed while we were getting the fields tilled and planted. We are still working in the woods however, harvesting crops. Yep, more wilds! Visit our website for a little write up about our "wild and weird" crops. We are now harvesting grapevine, wild onion, and wild blossoms.    
   With a few wilds like the grapevine and onions, and a few regular crops like radishes and mustard greens, we are able to get enough orders together to head to the city of Chicago this week. It will be our first visit since syrup season and we are really looking forward to it. It is a nice day away from the farm, good visiting with our friends, and the whole day energizes and inspires us to try new crops.
   Our friends in Champaign at Bacaro restaurant ( have been getting some of our wild goodies the last couple of weeks. So if you are down that way, drop in for some great food. They are located downtown Champaign on Walnut street. Don't forget to try their fantastic wine selection also!
   And, opening soon on Neil Street is Destihl Restaurant and Brew works ( We are all excited that they are able to finally open the Champaign restaurant. And, we wish them a huge success! Great people, great beer, great food.

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