Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wildflowers at the Farm

Here's some beauties that are blooming right now.


Dutchman's Breeches
Cute little guys!


And, here's some that will be blooming soon!

Wild tulips


Woodland Poppies

   Piglet news...all eight are still hanging in there, altho we are still worried for the littlest runt. He's still not very strong. Today we give them some soil to munch on. To answer a couple of questions...registering the pigs with the AGHA helps keep track of this breed in the U.S. And, since they are very rare (only around 1,000 now) it helps with knowing how the breed is growing, what problems it might be having with birth defects or such, and helps us know which lines of the breed are doing the best. It also helps keep cross breeding and dilution of the breed out of the picture. 
   We don't get any government subsidies for our crops or animals. We aren't sure that would be the best for our farm to be sustainable financially if we couldn't have a market that supported our products without (variable and unsure of) government assistance. We just keep trying to do a really good job with what we are doing, on the scale we can do, enjoying our land and family and friends while doing it.
   Thinking of farming in the terms of marketing, instead of just growing something that we will get paid for even if the price isn't enough, makes it more of a challenge. It makes it more exciting to try to come up with the latest greatest for the chefs. It is also how the world of small business works...we are really a small family owned business selling our cool and unique products to loving wonderful customers! Ra Ra for small entreprenurial businesses!

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  1. Love all the flower pics. Great job. Amazing how you can drive by and never see all that Illinois Prairies have to offer but with one slow can see little pieces of Heaven scattered all over earth.